Building Process

The process of building your new home doesn’t have to be frustrating or overwhelming! We will guide you through every step and answer any questions you may have. You can be as involved as you want through each step. If you don’t want to worry about all the details, you can trust us to get things done.

Step One – Meet and Greet

We will plan a time to get together and listen to your requests, and how you’d like your home building project to go. We will make lists to help you brainstorm ideas that fit your specific wants and needs.

Step Two – Pre-Approval and Planning

You will take steps to get a budget approved through your lender. During this time you can also browse neighborhoods, seeking styles of homes that you like. We also encourage you to look at lots and house plans. We have some of our own, or we can help assist you with finding some.

Step Three – Final Drawings & Bids

When the lot is picked out, we will have the house plan drawn up, and have a better idea of what style of home you want with all the details on finishes and design. Once we have confirmed all the plans, we will move forward with getting bids and putting numbers together to fit in your budget. If there are any changes throughout the build, that is above the original budget, we will charge for those with the current bill. During this meeting we can explain to you how the financial process will work.

Step Four – Permits & Site Prep

This is a very exciting time where we will meet with you out at the lot and you can see the beginning stages of building. If you want to be there when they start to dig, you are most welcome to be!

Step Five – Construction Zone

There are many steps that take place to keep this project going, and maintaining a steady pace. As the contractor, we will be on site with each stage of construction, and will keep you updated with the progress. Starting with Excavation, foundation, and framing; you’ll start to see your home take shape! Soon after that you’ll have Mechanical rough-in, Insulation, and Drywall. We will give you the opportunity to walk through once these stages are complete, so you can get a good feel for the home you are building.

Step Six – Details

More stages of the process will include; Roof, Siding, Stone, Garage Doors, Gutters, Lighting Fixtures, Bathrooms, Hardware, Trim, Interior Doors, Flooring, Paint, Cabinets, Countertops, Sod, Closet Organizers, Fireplace, Backsplash, Finishes, Appliances, Cleaning, and lots of inspections!

Step Seven – Walk Through & Closing

The house is complete! We will walk through the home to confirm that your ideas have been put into action. We will meet at your lender to close the deal and hand over the keys to your new home! We offer a one year Builder’s Warranty, to guaranty our work, and assure that you will be taken care of.